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August 22, 2012 

Conditions on Lake Eufaula are as follows:

The current lake elevation is 186.05.  The water on the main lake and in the creeks is clear to slightly stained.  The surface temperature is running in the mid to upper 80's.  A few bigger fish are being caught early in the morning on top-water baits around grass or rip rap next to deeper water.  This is short-lived, however, and can be unpredictable, so your best bet right now is to concentrate your efforts fishing deep.   

The deeper fish are being caught mainly in the 18-22 foot range right now.  This time of year, I always idle over a potential deep water spot with my Humminbird 998 Side Imaging unit to see if any baitfish and fish show up on the structure or cover I am fishing.  If I don't see the bait or the fish, I will spend little, if any, time fishing the spot before moving on.  If bait or fish are present, I pay close attention to the  depth they are holding and how they are relating to the structure or cover to determine my lure choice and angle to fish from.  Most recently, most of the fish have been in the 18-22 foot range which somewhat limits the productive baits to use.  I always like to start with a deep-diving crankbait and a Spro Little John DD is hard to beat when the productive zone is at this depth.  To really get maximum depth out of you crankbait, downsize your line to 10 pound test and use fluorocarbon which sinks.  Also, make as long a cast as possible by using a long rod with a parabolic action and a smooth reel.  Finally, stick your rod in the water during the retrieve to add a few more inches to the crankbait's running depth.  As far as colors, I'm not sure how much difference it makes when the fish are at this depth, so I just stick with colors I have a lot of confidence in on Lake Eufaula such as Rootbeer Charteuse and Citrus Shad.   

Crankbaits will consistently catch bigger fish, but on days when the crankbait bite is dead, you will need to stick with slower-moving baits. My favorite, especially for bigger fish is a 3/4 oz. football jig.  As mentioned earlier, I'm not sure how much difference color makes when the fish are this deep, but my confidence color is PB&J with a green pumpkin trailer.  I alternate between a Big Bite Baits Fighting Frog and a Big Bite Baits four inch creature bait trailer.  I have found that at times it can really make a difference which one you use.  If the bite is really tough, I will resort to using a Big Bite Baits six inch finesse worm on either a Carolina rig or shaky head.  

As the days get shorter and the water temperature starts dropping over the next several weeks the fish will start their fall migration, so take advantage of some deep water fishing on Lake Eufaula while it is at its best.  As always, enjoy God's creation, and do your part to help protect it!

 Dr. Tim

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If you have questions or comments please send an e-mail to mrbass932@bellsouth.net. I'll be glad to help or point you to someone who can.





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